Unfortunately, even honest, hard-working people encounter financial problems.. If a lay-off, failed business venture, or some other unforeseen circumstance has placed you in a bad financial position, filing for bankruptcy protection may help get you out. Depending upon your circumstance, you may choose to file Chapter 7, or "straight bankruptcy" in which most of your debts are eliminated. Or, you may opt for Chapter 13, in which a plan is devised that allows you to pay all or most of your debts under oversight of the bankruptcy court. The right bankruptcy plan for you will depend on the particular facts of your situation.

Federal bankruptcy is a good system that doesn't beat people up over their financial troubles. It seeks to aid people in getting back on their feet and make a fresh start. A good bankruptcy attorney will treat you in the same way. I will not take your money and ignore you after I file your case. What I provide is one-on-one service that you can count on today and down the road.

Quality personal service and old-fashion hard work is the credo by which I practice at Bankruptcy Professional Center, Inc. Every case receives personal care and attention. I don't believe in the "cookie-cutter approach" to the practice of bankruptcy law. I have high client retention because I spend ample time with each clients and work hard to achieve the best possible results for them. I also work efficiently so as to ensure that the fees you pay remain reasonable.

Knowing how important it is to eliminate from your life the stress of creditor harassment, you have my word that I will do my best to move your case through the bankruptcy court in the quickest, most cost-effective and most effective manner possible.

If you are seeking relief from financial stress and protection from creditor harassment, call me today at 501-932-0383.

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